Koroni City Map

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Koroni City Map

Detailed, Topographic, A Must Have

Discover Koroni City by using Koroni City Map.
The map is available printed as part of the Koroni Surroundings Maps or digital for mobile devices for offline use.

Why Koroni City Map

What do you know about Koroni and its Cityscape? Which streets, alleys and stairs did you already walk along?

Discover the beauty of Koroni City and the main places of Koroni with the detaild documentation collected in the Koroni City Map.
The map is independent and more detailed of other printed or online maps from Google, Bing, Apple or Here … .

Koroni City Map 1:10'000 Sample 1 Koroni City Map 1:10'000 Overview Koroni City Map 1:10'000 Sample 2

General Infos about Koroni Maps

General Information about the Map and the digital app needed for the digital map:

Get the printed Koroni City map

The printed Koroni City map currently is only availablae as part of the Koroni Surrounding maps

Get the digital Koroni City map

Koroni Maps Overview

MapAbbrev.SizePrintDigitalDigital BundleActuality
Koroni Surroundings Map 1:25'000Topo25A0Special[Topo25][Topo25+ City10+Kastro]January 2020
Koroni Surroundings Map 1:50'000Topo50A2[Details]
[request form]
..January 2020
Koroni City 1:10'000City10on Topo25 or Topo50[City10S][Topo25+ City10+Kastro]
[City10+ Kastro]
July 2018
Koroni Kastro 1:2'500KastroA4-[Kastro][City10+ Kastro]
[Topo25+ City10+Kastro]
August 2018
Map News & History
DateMap NewsRemark
30.04.2020Koroni Surroundings Update: Edition 2020 availableData Update January 2020 - earlier buyed maps can be redownloaded as new version
22.01.2019Koroni Surroundings Update: Edition 2019 availableData Update January 2019 - earlier buyed maps can be redownloaded as new version
20.08.2018Kastro Map Availablecurrently digital on app only
02.08.2018All Digital Maps updatedbuyed maps can be redownloaded as new version
10.08.2018Koroni City Map availabledigital on app only
06.06.2018New Version of Koroni Surroundings Maps & now also digitalmany map imporvements; digital on app
24.01.2017Koroni Surroundings Map 1:50'000 printed now availableprint on demand

Koroni Maps

Koroni Photo Maps

last update: 16. July 2018
published: 10. July 2018

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