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Flight Timetable Kalamata 2015
Expect Aegean Flights to Munchen,Dusseldorf,Stocholm, Moskow.
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With 19 cities in Europe and one of the Middle East linked Kalamata this summer, a figure which may be increased when finalized the program of the Aegean for Russia.

This follows from the announcement released yesterday International Airport Kalamata about until now planning the summer season flights -and specifically the period between March 29 and October 31, 2015.

The international air traffic, however, begins in Kalamata time in February, and on 22 of the month begins the route of the Aegean to and from Munich.

From March the traffic thickens as 2 months of starting flights of the above company to Düsseldorf on 5 routes of NikiFly to Vienna. On the 7th of that month, moreover, Aegean begins flights to Stockholm.

The announcement noted in particular that in the scheduling of Aegean «expected to maintain their destinations was in 2014 for Western Europe, and because for Eastern Europe changes expected, advised interested parties to contact the company.”

Specifically, the flight schedules to Kalamata International Airport for the above period are as follows:

Amsterdam (Transavia) from April 20 as October 12

every Monday (arriving 11:50 a.m. departure 24:35) and Saturday (arriving 10:55 a.m. departure 11:40 a.m.)

Hamburg (Easy Jet) 25 June to 27 August

Every Thursday (arrival 6.25 pm Departure 7.10 pm)

Warsaw (Travel Services) 5 June to 25 September

every Friday (11:10 a.m. arrival departure 12 m.)

Warsaw – Kalamata – Wroclaw (Enter Air) 19 June to 7 July

every Friday (arrival 2.20 pm departure for Vrostlav 3.05 pm)


  1. a) Niki Fly 29 March to 22 October

Every Thursday (arrival 2.30 pm Departure 3.20 pm) and Sunday (arrival 2.10 pm Departure 3.10 pm)

  1. b) Austrian Airlines 24 May to 27 September

every Sunday (arrival 10:00 a.m. departure 10:45 a.m.)


  1. a) (Easy Jet) from April 4 to 24 October each Saturday (arrival 11.20 departure 12 m.), from March 31 to 23 June each Tuesday (10 pm arrival departure 10.40 pm) from May 17 to 4 October every Sunday (arrival 11:25 a.m. departure 24:10) and from June 11 to 8 October each Thursday (arrival 11:20 a.m. departure 12 m.)
  2. b) British Airways, from May 3 to 18 October each Sunday (arrival 1.25 pm Departure 2.25 pm)
  3. c) Norwegian Air, from March 29 to 18 October each Sunday (arrival 10:25 a.m. departure 11:05 a.m.)
  4. d) Thomas Cook, from 24 May to 27 September each Sunday (arrival 2.35 pm Departure 3.35 pm)

Manchester (Thomas Cook) 3 May to September 27

every Sunday (arrival 11:40 a.m. departure 24:55)

Munich (Condor) 22 May to October 5th

every Monday (9:25 a.m. arrival departure 10:15 a.m.)

Bergamo (Ryan Air) 4 July to 29 August

Tuesdays (9:30 a.m. arrival departure 9:55 a.m.) and Saturday (arriving 10:15 a.m. departure 10:40 a.m.) and from August 6 and Thursdays (arriving 10:25 a.m. departure 10.50 p .M.)

Birmingham (Thomas Cook) 24 May to 27 September

every Sunday (arrival 24:30 departure 1.30 pm)

Bratislava (Travel Service / Slovakia) 29 May to September 22 every Tuesday (Arrival 1.10 pm Departure 1.55 pm) and Friday (arrival 24:40 departure 1.25 pm)

Oslo (Skandinavian) 9 May to 10 October

every Saturday (arrival 11:55 a.m. departure 24:55)

Paris (Europe Airpost) 19 June to 18 September

every Friday (10:25 a.m. arrival departure 11:15 a.m.)

Poznan – Katowice (Small Planet) 3 June to 30 September

every Wednesday, a) from Katowice to Kalamata arrival 24:20, departure from Kalamata to Poznan 1.10 pm) and b) from Poznan to Kalamata arrival 9.35 pm departure from Kalamata to Katowice 10.25 pm)

Prague (Travel Services) 29 May to October 2 every Tuesday and Friday (arrival 2.45 pm Departure 3.35 pm)

Tel Aviv (Arkia)

Wednesday, April 1 (Arrival 1.20 pm Departure 2.20 pm)

Monday, June 6 (arrival 2.20 pm Departure 3.20 pm)

Saturday, June 11th (arrival 9:20 a.m. departure 10:20 a.m.)

Frankfurt (Condor) 28 May to October 1

Thursdays (8:30 a.m. arrival departure 9:20 a.m.)

Finally, good service – Thessaloniki by Astra, for the period from March 30 to 24 October we held every Monday (arrival 7.30 pm departure 8 pm), Tuesday (arrival 9.20 pm Departure 9.50 m .M.), Wednesday (arrival 6.20 pm Departure 6.50 pm), Thursday (arrival 6.20 pm Departure 6.50 pm) and Saturday (arrival 6.20 pm to 6.50 pm .).


Πτήσεις από Καλαμάτα για 20 πόλεις του εξωτερικού

Γράφτηκε από την  , 12.2.2015

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